Dan O'Connor

A brief personal history

Dan O’Connor is a forth generation San Franciscan living in Hollywood.  He began improvising and acting at the American Conservatory at age 8.  His first professional jobs were with Karl Malden, Luciano Pavarotti and Rudolf Nureyev respectively in Streets of San Francisco, the San Francisco Opera and the Royal Ballet of Canada.  

At the age of 11 Dan was hired to be a reporter for the Bay Area children's new program Kidswatch.  At ACT he appeared in the first production of A Christmas Carol, Horatio (pictured above), Merry Wives of Windsor and Peer Gynt. In his teens he also performed with the SF Attic Theatre appearing in numerous productions at the Little Theater at the Palace of the Legion of Honor.  At 18 he auditioned and was accepted into the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art in London.  

Upon graduating from Webber Douglas Dan returned to San Francisco to work as, in no particular order: a construction worker, maitre ‘d, bartender, minibar re-filler, iceman (really) and actor.  In San Francisco while in a production of A Life in the Theatre the director Sylvia Tucker told him about a new and wonderful workshop being taught by Rebecca Stockley and organized by Fratelli Bologna called “Theatresports.”  

Dan became a founding member in Bay Area Theatresports and then two years later LA Theatresports. He is a co-founder of the critically acclaimed improvisational theatre company IMPRO THEATRE.  This work and the subsequent training with Keith Johnstone has led to a terrific career in theatre, television and film. He is married to the extremely talented and beautiful Edi Patterson, who is just the best in every way.  

Dan (far right) in Horatio at ACT with Pat Tredway and Raye Birk